Sugar – The Enemy of Young Looking Skin!

May 29,2018

Diet and Skin Ageing So your diet doesn’t affect your skin?  Think again, especially if you have a sweet tooth and consume too much sugar.  We’re all too aware that if we indulge in cakes, pies, and other sweets, we can expect extra centimetres around our waists and extra kilos  on the scales. But did … Continue reading “Sugar – The Enemy of Young Looking Skin!”


How to Build an Anti-Ageing Strategy

Apr 18,2018

Confused by Anti-Ageing? Ageing is a fact of life.  Unlike many other medical issues, growing old cannot be hidden; it is clearly visible in the form of skin ageing.  So anti-ageing isn’t really about beauty; its much more about maintain healthy skin into later life.   We are living longer than ever before. Meanwhile, the anti-ageing market … Continue reading “How to Build an Anti-Ageing Strategy”


Retinol – An Anti-Ageing Essential

Mar 20,2018

What is Retinol? Retinol is Vitamin A, an essential vitamin; we cannot produce it.  We have to consume foods that contain Vitamin A or ingredients that the body can convert to Vitamin A or we have to apply it topically.   Retinol is found in fish oils, eggs and butter and our bodies convert beta carotene, … Continue reading “Retinol – An Anti-Ageing Essential”


The Health Benefits of Camel Milk

Mar 14,2018

The Science of Camel Milk So what are the claimed health benefits of camel milk and what science underpins those claims? When we founded CameLife, our vision was to become Australia’s leading advocates and experts on camel milk.  By staying out of the primary production chain, we could focus on the science and health benefits … Continue reading “The Health Benefits of Camel Milk”


Fighting Wrinkles

Jan 17,2018

Fighting Wrinkles With An Anti-Ageing Diet In our first anti-ageing blog , we discussed the changes that occur in your skin as you age and wrinkles start to form.  Here we start looking at the building blocks of an anti-ageing regime that fights wrinkles and keeps your skin healthy.  The first element isn’t about skincare products at … Continue reading “Fighting Wrinkles”



Jan 11,2018

Anti-Ageing Skincare – Why Bother? So you’ve seen all those adverts about anti-ageing but aren’t convinced that you need to start?  But you’ve got those first signs of ageing?  Maybe a few unwanted laughter lines around your eyes?  A few little wrinkles appearing above your lips?  Just enough to worry you when you look in … Continue reading “Anti-Ageing”

BHT Preservatives

All About Preservatives

Dec 28,2017

Skincare Preservatives – CameLife’s Perspective What are Preservatives? We are often asked whether our products are all natural.  Our answer is that, yes, the active ingredients are all natural.  We don’t use any alcohols or the like.  But the one place where we do use synthetic ingredients is in our preservatives. CameLife co-founder Dr Jane … Continue reading “All About Preservatives”


Vitamin C – an Anti-Oxidant Hero

Dec 08,2017

Why Vitamin C? Around the the world, skincare experts acknowledge that Vitamin C is an anti-ageing superstar.  At CameLife, we follow the latest research and check out the many highly innovative  ways to incorporate Vitamin C into a skincare regime.  We take a different angle to the majority on how to make Vitamin C available … Continue reading “Vitamin C – an Anti-Oxidant Hero”

Camel Milk

What’s So Special About Camel Milk?

Nov 13,2017

The Camel Milk Story CameLife doesn’t sell camel milk; we develop and market skincare products that harness its benefits.  But we are often asked about the health advantages of the milk.  We work with some passionate advocates for camel milk, including our Scientific Advisor Professor Reuven Yagil, who has dedicated much of his life to … Continue reading “What’s So Special About Camel Milk?”

Using Cleansers

Camel Milk Cleansers

Nov 03,2017

Cleansers?  Are you using the right routine? Confused by all those cleansers in the shops?  Why do you need more than one cleanser?  Surely cleansing is just about removing your makeup, sunscreen and the grime built up from a busy day? CameLife founder, Dr Jane Rose, believes that cleansing is the fundamental starting point of … Continue reading “Camel Milk Cleansers”