Cleansing Acne

Camel Milk and Acne

Sep 19,2017

First, a Disclaimer Before going any further, we need to be clear that CameLife does not sell products in Australia intended to treat acne.  Camel milk is not listed as a therapeutic ingredient with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and our products aren’t listed as acne treatments.  That’s the compliance over! In recent weeks, a number … Continue reading “Camel Milk and Acne”


Skincare Minerals

Sep 12,2017

THE ROLE OF SKINCARE MINERALS We all know that vitamins and minerals are important for our health. Australians are global leaders in consuming dietary supplements.   We fill our fridges with leafy greens, bright berries and other nutrient-dense foods, but what about skincare minerals? Did you know that trace elements are a key factor in … Continue reading “Skincare Minerals”


Airless Containers

Sep 04,2017

Why Airless? Ever bought an expensive cosmetic cream and found you can’t dispense all of your product?  Has the little tube from the pump to the bottom of the container clogged up or fallen off?  Or have you left a cosmetic in the bathroom cabinet for a few months and found it has gone off? … Continue reading “Airless Containers”


Why Use an Eye Cream?

Aug 30,2017

Are you starting to notice wrinkles around your eyes or existing wrinkles  becoming more pronounced?  Do you get black circles or bags under your eyes?  Are your eyes tired after a long journey, a hard day at the office or a big night?  You’ve heard the promises: eye creams will reduce the fine lines, wrinkles … Continue reading “Why Use an Eye Cream?”


Cracked Heels?

Aug 24,2017

Do you suffer from cracked heels?  Do you get dry, hard skin on your heels, that can sometimes be painful?  Sick of filing your heels or visiting the podiatrist?  CameLife Nourishing Body Mousse may be the answer you have been looking for. Cracked heels are common in summer, when we wear open heeled shoes or thongs … Continue reading “Cracked Heels?”


Avocado Oil

Aug 06,2017

Why Add Avocado Oil To Camel Milk We use cold pressed Avocado Oil in four of our products. Why? Well, Avocado oil is very concentrated in monounsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and other antioxidants. And we only use the purest cold pressed avocado oil because the minimal refinement of cold pressed Avocado Oil preserves … Continue reading “Avocado Oil”


The Ethics of Milking Camels

Jun 06,2017

Should We Be Milking Camels? We were chatting to a couple at Frenchs Forest yesterday who passionately argued that milking camels (and all mammals) is wrong because mammals only produce milk for their young. So are we exploiting these beautiful animals by milking them and using the milk to make cosmetics and treatments? Australia’s Camel Problem … Continue reading “The Ethics of Milking Camels”

Desert Camels

One Hump or Two?

Jun 06,2017

When is a Camel not a Camel? Does a camel have one hump or two? Which one is a dromedary? The answer is neither. They are both camelids, a family which holds seven surviving camelid species. Dromedary Australia’s camels are desert camels, or dromedaries and have one hump. Perfectly adapted for living in hot, dry … Continue reading “One Hump or Two?”