CameLife hit five years in January, so we thought it would be a good idea to go right back to the start and look at why we founded the business. Like many small businesses, we've perhaps drifted from our core purpose. And that was:

"To improve skin health with innovative camel milk skincare products". 

We have never been about beauty; quite the opposite. Our passion is healing and restoring damaged skin, whether from burns, bites, injury or more likely sun exposure and other environmental stressors. 

But why camel milk?  Well, our inspirational guiding light, the late Professor Reuven Yagil, a man who dedicated his life to healing with camel milk, gave us six reasons why camel milk is a so good for healing and restoring damaged skin.   

Image of a Marie Patane holding a CameLife camel milk skincare product


  • Camel milk penetrates the skin.  Its fat structure is very finely homogenised, so it can penetrate deep into your skin taking with it any additives we make.
  • It contains high levels of Vitamin C when compared with other milks. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, a key skin health ingredient.  In camel milk, the VitaminC is very bio-available because the milk is so finely homogenised. 
  • The lactic acid in camel milk will gently peel away dead skin cells, promoting a healthy turn over of cells.  Lactic acid is also a humectant, so it draws moisture from the lower layers of your skin, helping to keep it hydrated. 
  • The protective proteins in camel milk are very anti-inflammatory and healing. That's why we use raw, unpasteurised camel milk whenever we can.
  • Camel milk is packed with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, the key building block of healthy skin cells
  • Camels have a unique single-domain anti-body, far smaller than human anti-bodies.  These anti-bodies are known to be present in camel's milk and may strengthen the skin's immune responses


Australia is a wonderful country to live in, but its' not the best environment for healthy skin. Sun exposure is an unavoidable fact of life and, even with religious use of high SPF sun screens, our skin ages fast here. 

The consequences of sun exposure are largely cosmetic whilst we're young; fine lines and wrinkles aren't the end of the world and theres always botox! But the long term effects of sun exposure are profound; deep wrinkles and thin, brittle skin that is prone to cracking and ulceration.

Thats why we developed our Restorative range; to arrest and reverse environmental damage to your skin before it is too late. Camel milk comes together in an entourage effect with powerful anti-oxidants and other natural skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid to control moisture levels and hydrolysed soy to stimulate oestrogen receptors.

The result; not only healthy skin but also skin that looks and feels great as you age!

Image of a mature lady with sun damaged skin


Sometimes our skin needs more love than restorative cosmetic products can provide. Burns, cuts and stings can all do deep damage to your skin that is both painful and takes time to heel. Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and contact dermatitis can be both painful and unsightly. Camel milk has long been used to treat them all.

Our first product, The Original Camel Balm, was developed under Professor Yagil's guidance to treat inflammatory skin conditions. I put the prototype  on a very painful burn from a log burning stove; the pain disappeared quickly and I never got a blister. That was what Reuven called The Magic of Camel Milk and that was my inspiration for CameLife!

We've since added The Happy Camel Balm, combining camel milk with medicinal cannabis to give even more healing magic. And watch this space for more camel milk and CBD products.  

Image of The Original Camel Balm being applied to a burnt finger


Any beautician will tell you that cleansing is the first step to beautiful skin. We go further; we think that cleansing is the essential step for healthy skin

Every day, we live in a toxic environment of pollutants, dirt and contaminants. Many of us apply sunscreen several times a day, sealing in contaminants. 

Camel milk is the ultimate cleanser; the gentle lactic acid peels away dead skin cells and grime, leaving fresh, healthy skin. That turnover of skin cells is crucial to healthy skin. There's far more to cleansing than removing makeup, which is why we love to hear tradies and others who work in dirty environments tell us that the CameLife cleansers really work for them!

And don't forget; our cleansers can make a creamy lather perfect to shave with. No shaving rash or irritation wherever you shave!

Image of a father and sun shaving with CameLife Facial Cleansing Bar


We've been working hard to get some new products for you all to try and, yes, they've been a long time coming. But, very soon, we'll launch three! All take us back to our roots; promoting skin health with The Magic of Camel Milk.

We've got a batch of camel milk soaps curing at the moment. But these aren't just any camel milk soap; they also contain CBD oil and concentrated sativa terpenes. Our trial audience is raving about them; great for dry skin, but also for treating skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis. We've even got people saying that the soap relieves aching muscles. Look out for a launch offer very soon.

We've also developed a method extract and isolate terpenes from the sativa plant. We've created a cream which blends raw Australian camel milk with these terpenes; we've finally got a fully legal cream that contains both camel milk and cannabis sativa goodies! Our new Recovery Cream is the ultimate post exercise treat, relieving aches and pains whilst leaving your skin moist and healthy

We've also worked the terpenes into a cream for sunspots, which contains liquorice root too, which is well known for reducing hyper-pigmentation. It won't be ready until winter, but we know it works!

Image of new CameLife camel milk and terpene soaps curing


Where we started; The Original Camel Balm. Concentrated camel milk with just enough essential oils to make a cream. It's so anti-inflammatory; use it on cuts, stings, burns, spots, rosacea, psoriasis. You name it; it will probably work.

And, at $10, what do you have to lose? There's only a few hundred left and we wont be doing this one again.  

Treatment cream for burns, cuts, stings, redness, dryness and scars
The Original Camel Balm
Camel milk treatment cream for rosacea, acne and psoriasis
Camel milk first aid cream
Treatment cream for burns, cuts, stings, redness, dryness and scars
The Original Camel Balm
Camel milk treatment cream for rosacea, acne and psoriasis
Camel milk first aid cream

The Original Camel Balm - Camel Milk Skincare


The Original Camel Balm is our all round anti-inflammatory wonder balm for skin that needs deeper loving. Use it to treat burns, stings, cuts and inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. It's also fabulous on dry and itchy skin, sunburn and to help with wound healing.

Think of The Original Camel Balm as your little tube of first aid. 

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Customer Review of The Happy Camel Balm
Customer Review of The Happy Camel Balm
Customer Review of The Happy Camel Balm