Time to Look After Your Skin! 


Winter Is Just Two Weeks Away!

How to Look After Your Skin With Camel Milk Skincare

Picture of an Australian camel in the snow

Winter is only ten days away and it looks like being a cold one this year.  We've already had the coldest five days in May for 50 years and we've been burning logs in the fire for a few weeks now. 

The mix of cold, dry weather and living in dry, heated rooms always causes changes to your skin. So, if you're getting tight skin, rough knuckles and chapped lips, its time to think about giving your skin some seasonal loving!  From your brows to your feet, here’s how to treat your skin – starting now!  

Be Sun Safe

You still need to be sun safe. Whilst there is less UVB around in winter, levels of UVA are still significant enough to age our skin. Use a high SPF sunscreen all year round, but only apply it to go out and cleanse it off when you come back inside.

 It's worth thinking about Vitamin D3; UVB is the wavelength that stimulates vitamin D production and levels can drop in the winter months. Consider taking an oral Vitamin D3 supplement. 

The Original Camel Balm is our got to sun treatment. We use it in place of a sun block and have never got burned; the anti-inflammatory properties of camel milk are amazing.   

Get Your Treatments Done

Mature woman having a facial using CameLife Refining Facial Polish

Winter is a great time of year to get deep skin treatments as it's much easier to avoid sun exposure before or after a peel or laser treatment than in the summer.  This reduces the risk of unwanted post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Autumn and winter therefore represents an opportunity for deeper exfoliation and more aggressive treatments. But, if you do go for a peel or laser, your skin will still be be inflamed so use a good anti-inflammatory cream like The Original Camel Balm to sooth post treatment redness. 

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

As the weather gets colder, your skin will become drier and perhaps more sensitive. We spend more time indoors, where heaters and log fires dry out the air. Keeping up your water intake throughout the day will help to keep your skin hydrated, but it's moisture control system, hyaluronic acid, may need a boost! 

Your skin's upper barrier layer, it's dermis, is essential for retaining moisture. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, then the cleanser you are using is likely to be disrupting your skin barrier. Your skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing. CameLife's Facial Cleansing Bar is a great way to cleanse away makeup and dirt whilst leaving your skin feeling moist and supple.

If your skin is so dry that your are having to apply a moisturiser during the day, then you probably need to increase your skin's hyaluronic acid levels. Add a hyaluronic acid serum to your routine and massage for 30 seconds to maximise its effects. CameLife's Restorative Serum is ideal; it contains organic hyaluronic acid which will balance natural moisture levels in your skin, preventing dry patches from forming. 

CameLife Restorative Eye Cream
CameLife Restorative Eye Cream
Camel milk face serum
CameLife camel milk skincare serum

Protect Your Lips

Mature woman with healthy lips due to camel milk skincare

Lip sores are both painful and unsightly, so, if your lips get chapped in the cold, avoid licking them! Licking sore lips will only exacerbate dryness and can cause what is referred to as ‘lick eczema’. Here at CameLife, we don't manufacture a lip ointment. Just use a little Nourishing Body Mousse; our all natural treatment cream. No need to worry about what you are putting on your lips; all of the ingredients are edible!

If you're off skiing, remember; your lips are vulnerable to sun burn so make sure you use a sun block.  If your lips do get burnt and chapped, treat them to a little of The Happy Camel Balm and they will recover very quickly!

In winter, your skin can often look dull. Your skin cells have a life cycle of about four weeks from new skin cell growth to the skin cells dying off. But in colder weather, dead skin cells don't slough away so easily. A regular, gentle exfoliation will help to keep that healthy glow. CameLife's Facial Cleansing Bar gives you a gentle peel every time you cleanse, because the milk's natural lactic acid is just astringent enough to turn over dead cells without causing any irritation.   

If you work outside, your hands can easily become chapped and sore in the winter months, even cracking painfully. We've been diligently sanitising our hands several times a day for the last year or more, which dries them out making the risk of chapping greater. We've definitely had a lot more people ask us about cracked and damaged skin on their hands; that the combination of cold weather and sanitising is only going to exacerbate this. Using a good milk soap will help, but you will probably still need a hand cream; keep a pot of Nourishing Body Mousse by the sink and use it as a hand cream. If you do get contact dermatitis, apply a rich layer at night and, after a few nights, your skin barrier will start to heal. 

Take a bath occasionally.  Not only is a bath a great way to warm up, but relaxing helps to reduce skin damaging stress hormones; baths are a marvellous opportunity to hydrate skin. How about adding some camel milk to your bath; it worked for Cleopatra!  And don't forget to treat your skin to Nourishing Body Mousse afterwards!

CameLife Nourishing Body Mousse
CameLife Nourishing Body Mousse
Camel milk body mousse
CameLife camel milk nourishing body mousse