New Year, New Skin?

New Year, New Skin?

January 03, 2019


So Christmas is over, 2019 is here and we’re in the middle of the summer holiday season.  Will your skin escape unscathed or will it need restorative treatment?  

partyWe let our healthy habits fall by the wayside mid-summer.   Sure, an extra kilo can be shed with a bit of gym discipline and those dreaded hangovers are a thing of the past if we go dry for January.    But what damage have we done to your skin?  From dullness to  dehydration, spots and premature ageing, your skin health can really take a hit over summer

Here, CameLife founder Dr Jane Rose examines why your complexion could be looking pale, dull or puffy and she provides you with some tips to help you restore your skin's natural glow.   


It’s too easy to drink too much alcohol during the holiday season or to get dehydrated through not drinking enough water.  If your alcohol consumption increases and your water consumption decreases, your skin can start to look and feel dry.  In a word, it’s thirsty

Try to stick to the "one for one" rule when you are out; after every alcoholic drink consume one full glass of water.  Schedule a few alcohol-free days over the holiday season and drink plenty of water every day. 

waterIf your skin is feeling dry, avoid products which which strip moisture from your skin such as many soaps.  And don’t wash your face in the shower with gel!  Instead, use a well designed cleanser which contains plenty of natural humectant like glycerine.  CameLife’s Facial Cleansing Bar contains natural coconut glycerine and leaves your skin feeling moist and clean.  


It really doesn’t matter how much sunscreen you slop on or how big your sun hat is; your skin will still photo-age with sun exposure.

Sun burn

To make matters worse, there are ingredients in sunscreens which actually stimulate the production of free radicals and cause the oxidative stress to your skin that damages your collagen.  CameLife doesn’t produce products that contain SPF because we don’t believe applying sunscreen unless you are going outdoors.  Rather than using a combination moisturiser / sun block, apply the best sunscreen you can immediately before going outdoors and cleanse it off when you come back in.  Then moisturise with a light, soothing summer moisturiser like CameLife's Restorative Day Cream

However sun safe we are, occasionally we get all sunburnt.  If that happens, you really do need to apply a cream that can penetrate deeply and help to repair the damage from UVB.  CameLife's Nourishing Body Mousse is a great after-sun treatment, harnessing the protective proteins in the milk to stimulate skin repair.


Your skin repairs when you sleep.  Dark circles can be more visible during the holiday and are often linked to lack of or poor-quality sleep.  Late nights soon add up and it's not sensible to bank them up and take a big lie in when it becomes too much.  Your body needs regular rest to repair.  

Schedule a few alcohol free nights to help your body repair and regenerate, especially your skin.  Try a small glass of camel milk before going to bed; the naturally occurring Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the milk is a great relaxant and aid to good sleep.  Here at CameLife we love fresh camel milk from our favourite camel farm, Camel Milk NSW.

Dark circles can be more visible during the holiday and are often linked to poor-quality sleep.  CameLife’s Restorative Eye Cream is the perfect antidote to tired, puffy eyes, gently stimulating blood flow to the delicate skin round your eyes.  Black circles will quickly disappear!


Holiday are a time to indulge, but we often consume more processed foods and less fruits and vegetables.  Add in a few extra glasses of bubbles or an extra glass or two of SSB and your hormone levels can change, leading to unwanted breakouts on the skin.

Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage can help support Acne

hormone balancing and keep skin feeling healthier.  But if you are experiencing breakouts, it’s vital to cleanse effectively and treat the individual spots so the they heal quickly.  CameLife’s Facial Cleansing Bar is a great starting point because it gently peals away dead skin cells that block pores.  Treat individual spots with The Original Camel Balm to promote rapid healing and prevent scaring.  


Sugar is the enemy of healthy skin.  To deal with higher sugar intake, glycation increases and your body produces collagen-damaging free radicals.  Too much sugar can also increase your skin’s sebum production, increasing the likelihood of spots and breakouts. In the short term, your skin can look dull, feel a little less bouncy and be prone to breakouts.  

sugarLonger term, the free radicals associated with glycation will impair collagen production and repair and damage existing collagen.  Over time, you will notice visible signs of ageing in the form of  sagging and wrinkles.  If you want to avoid premature skin-ageing, now is the time!

A skincare regime that incorporates an anti-oxidant rich serum, such as CameLife’s Restorative Serum, will help to protect your collagen from damage, whilst a product containing peptides will help to stimulate collagen production.  CameLife’s Restorative Night Cream is specifically designed to stimulate collagen production, containing a unique copper-soy peptide protein.  Once again, the foundation of good skincare is cleansing; try CameLife’s all natural Facial Cleansing Bar to restore lustre to your skin.     


Rashes and reactions on the skin can often be linked to poor gut health. A holiday diet, too much alcohol and late nights can all play havoc with gut health.  

RashIncreasing water intake, eating plenty of fibre and taking a probiotic can all improve gut health.  Camel milk is a fantastic source of probiotics, but it also contains anti-inflammatory protective proteins which have been shown to promote a healthy gut.

Rashes themselves can be calmed with a natural treatment cream.  The Original Camel Balm harnesses those protective proteins in the camel milk to rapidly calm and relieve skin irritations and rashes. 


Here at CameLife, we believe that it's never too late to help your skin to repair and recover.  The secret is to understand how your skin can be stressed during the holiday season even when you are relaxing from your daily grind.

The key to protecting your skin is to keep hydrated and implement a skincare regime that is designed to aid skin repair.   Use natural products like the CameLife range.CameLife

If you enjoyed this blog or found it useful, let us know!  If you want to experience the magic of CameLife products, enter the voucher code Intro20 at checkout for an introductory discount of 20%.

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