Six New Year Skincare Tips

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Happy New Year!

Let’s hope 2021 is far happier than the year that has just ended!  To kick off the New Year, here’s our Eight Tips for Better Skin in 2021.

Our founder, Dr Jane Rose, is a veterinarian with a specialist interest in dermatology and a passion for holistic healthcare.  So CameLife is about skin health; we don't think of ourselves as a beauty brand.  We believe that healthy skin is sign of good health and that, by following simple skin health steps and using quality natural skincare products most of us can have healthy, glowing skin.  

So we're kicking off 2021 with some simple tips for healthy skin.  There's nothing really new or unexpected here, but its the New Year and we all need some resolutions that we can stick to!  So here are our simple, achievable steps for healthier skin in 2021! 

6 Skin Health Resolutions for 2021

Less is More

If the last year has shown us anything, it's that we can live a simpler, healthier life.  So don’t stress about your skincare regime; it should be a pleasurable part of everyday life, not a source of angst.  Find a skincare regime that fits into your daily routine and stick to it.  And remember; skincare and beauty are not the same thing.  Of course, theres nothing wrong with pampering yourself at a spa, but it's no substitute for a simple daily skin health habit.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need a bathroom cabinet full of expensive skincare products; you just need a few core products that work for you. Cleanse properly, use a serum to infuse your skin with anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid and a moisturiser to keep the upper layers soft and hydrated.  Spend money on a cleanser first; if you aren't cleansing effectively, no skincare product will work well.  

If your skin is showing visible signs of ageing, add in an anti-wrinkle night cream.  These are slow burners; you won't see instant results unless you apply consistently and  regularly.   Occasionally, you can add to your regime, a deeper exfoliation; or the occasional top up with a strong Vitamin C or Retinoid serum, but remember, these are acids and they burn even if only gently.

And it goes without saying; use good quality sun protection and cleanse it off when you go indoors.

Take Your Time

Applying your skincare product properly is as important as choosing the right product, so take time to massage products in.  Creams do no good sitting on the surface of your skin; a quick lick of moisturiser whilst you are hurrying to get out to work may leave you skin feeling moist, but it won't really help with skin health.  So take some time, relax and give your skin the love it deserves.  

Eat Well

It’s very hard to have healthy skin without a good diet and it’s very easy to have unhealthy skin with a bad diet. Hydrate properly, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure you get plenty of high-quality Vitamins B, C and D and iron.  Consider adding bio-available collagen to your diet, such as bone broth.  Or, if you follow a plant based diet, try a product that stimulates collagen production. 

Look After Your Skincare Products 

Clear out your bathroom cabinet. Good skincare products contain sensitive ingredients that go off over time; an expensive cream that has sat in the bathroom for a year or more isn’t going to work. In fact, why keep your skincare in the bathroom at all; its a humid, bacteria laden atmosphere after all.  Get rid of old skincare products; if its over 6 months since you opened them, do you really want to use them? 

Don't Spend the Earth

So how much should you spend on your skincare?  There are serums ranging from $10 or so at Aldi to $500 or more in top end spas.  Well, quality products contain quality ingredients and quality ingredients cost money.  So too does product development, manufacturing and packaging.  Packaging is a good indicator; it should protect your product and keeps it in tip-top condition.  

We think that there is a sweet spot in the range $50-150, where you can find quality products that really do work.  If that is too much of a stretch, it's better to buy one really good product, probably a serum, than to fill your cupboard with lots of cheap creams.     

Why CameLife?

Is your skincare cupboard full of big-name brand products that cost a lot of money and don't work?  Do you struggle to understand the confusing range of  those brands; some make eight or more serums.   How do you find the right one for your skin?

Here at CameLife, we like to keep things simple.  We only make four face creams; our Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream.   Just add in a Facial Cleansing Bar and you have a complete skin health system.  

Camel milk really is a skin health game changer; make trying camel milk skincare a resolution for 2021!


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Restorative Serum

Is your skin dull? Are you noticing wrinkles forming or getting worse?  Are you seeing dark spots or other discolourations form?  If so, you are likely seeing the effects of ageing due to sun exposure.  Of course you can try to hide them, but they won't go away.  But you can make simple changes to your skincare regime to protect, reduce and potentially reverse the damage cause by sun ageing. 

The first step is to use a Serum.  Serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients to give your skin a hit of antioxidants, peptides, and skin brighteners. 
If you only invest in one premium skincare product in your cabinet, make it CameLife's Restorative Serum!  

Marie Patane trying CameLife Restorative Serum
CameLife Restorative Eye Cream
CameLife Restorative Eye Cream
Camel milk face serum
CameLife camel milk skincare serum

Restorative Serum - Camel Milk Skincare

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