Over Botox? Looking for an Alternative?

Over Botox? Looking for an Alternative?

January 15, 2019

Are You Considering Botox?

Australians and Injectables 

We Australians are hardcore consumers of cosmetic procedures.  We spend over $350 million a year on anti-wrinkle injections and we now have more cosmetic surgery operations per capita than Americans.  Our per-capita spend on cosmetic treatments is amongst the highest globally, thanks, in part, to our wrinkle-inducing harsh climate

Every day, we are bombarded with retouched photographs in magazines and adverts.  Our social media feeds are packed with filtered selfies. Seeing a continuous stream of supernaturally flawless skin has created a new set of image ideals, and with it, a dramatic increase in cosmetic procedures.

Recent research from Mintel revealed that more than 50 per cent of Australian women and 39 per cent of men aged 18 to 34 would consider a cosmetic procedure.  And Botox isn't cheap; procedures often cost $300 or more.

Cosmetic procedures have a risk too and many would-be users don’t realise how widespread unsafe practices are in Australia.  Last year, the NSW Department of Health seized thousands of illegal, non-approved Schedule 4 drugs, including botox and dermal fillers, from cosmetic clinics across the state.  

The inevitable result of the boom in cosmetic procedures is that people are shopping for injectables on price and not on the competence of the practitioner,  which should be the primary consideration.  Still considering botox?

Are there Alternatives?

Perhaps a more important question to ask is: are injectables really necessary?  What if you could find an effective, natural skincare range that leaves your skin looking naturally young and healthy.  And what if you could find it for an affordable price?  

Marie Patane

Here at CameLife, we are advocates for natural anti-ageing strategies that protect your collagen, for it is collagen which provides your skin with its structure.  We also advocate ways to boost your body's natural collagen production.   The fact is that injectables do nothing to protect your collagen or boost its production. So wouldn’t it be better if you could find natural skincare products that actually boosts your skin’s collagen production?  Well maybe there is an answer.  

CameLife’s Restorative Night Cream is an anti-wrinkle hero, packed with skin-restoring innovation.  At its heart is a proprietary ingredient that contains a Methyl Glucoside Phosphate Proline Lysine Copper Complex.  That’s a big title, so let’s break it down.

Time for Some Science?

The long name Methyl Glucoside Phosphate Proline Lysine Copper Complex indicates the active ingredients in the complex. There are three groups of ingredients, each of which is necessary to feed and regulate cellular collagen and elastin synthesis. 

First, the complex provides Methyl-Glucoside-6-Phosphate (MG6P). MG6P is pre-activated glucose that directly feeds skin cells with energy without causing harmful glycation.  Want to know more about glycation?  Read our blog post on sugar.

Second, amino acids.  Proline is an amino acid and a precursor (along with Vitamin C) of collagen.  Proline can break down protein to help create healthy cells and connective tissues, promoting firmer, glowing skin and reducing sagging, wrinkles and ageing of skin due to sun exposure.  Lysine is also an amino acid crucial for the production of collagen. 

Finally, copper interacts with the enzyme involved in the regulation of collagen and elastin production, enhancing its effectiveness. 

Together in a skincare ingredient, MG6P, Proline, Lysine and Copper deliver an entourage effect, providing essential elements for the metabolic pathways that provide healthy skin cells.  The complex revitalises aged fibroblasts, reactivating collagen and elastin synthesis in a fast and sustainable way.
Fibroblast are cells that synthesise collagen.  As we age, so do our fibroblasts.  Unless we do something about it, we all reach a point where our collagen is deteriorating faster than our fibroblasts can replace it and our skin starts to show visible ageing.    

Camel milk is a great carrier for Methyl Glucoside Phosphate Proline Lysine Copper Complex.  The finely homogenised structure of the milk allows it to penetrate deep into the basal layer, ensuring that the complex reaches where it is most needed.  Meanwhile the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), in the milk, acts alongside the amino acids as a precursor to collagen.

With sophisticated anti-wrinkle creams like CameLife's Restorative Night Cream, visible results can happen in only two weeks: your skin will feel firmer, more supple and deep wrinkles will start to disappear.  

Still Considering Botox?

Not convinced that a natural skincare product can be a substitute for injectables?  The consider the disadvantages of botox.

Temporary results:  The effect of botox treatment are temporary in nature, lasting between two and eight months. As a result of this, patients will have to return to receive top-up injections and this leads to mounting costs.  As time goes by, a patient may develop a natural immunity to BOTOX and so may have to increase the dosage of the toxin.

Pain: Botox treatment can be painful. The injections are administered with fine needles which can be painful and there will be bruising around the site of the injections. This may be unsightly but will last only a day or two.

Consider too that neither botox not dermal fillers actually treat the underlying cause of wrinkles, which is the breakdown of collagen.  Stop using injectables and your skin will rapidly return to its pre-treatment condition.   Or worse still, it will have deteriorated further because you have done nothing to protect your existing collagen or stimulate production of more. 

So why not try CameLife skincare. The natural alternative that actually protects and restores your skin.


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