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7 Tips For Spring Skincare

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is well and truly here in Australia and summer is just around the corner.  Spring is a time for renewal: the birds are tweeting, the trees are blossoming and the lifeguards are back on the beaches. This year, spring will be especially life affirming for those of us hopefully soon emerging from long months in lockdown.

Your skin is probably ready for a seasonal change in care, especially if you have had few opportunities to get out recently.  So here are our seven tips for radiant springtime skin. Wake your skin up and get your healthy glow on!

1.  Exfoliate 

The first step to radiant, glowing skin is to exfoliate away the lingering winter skin.  Although your skin cells constantly regenerate, it doesn’t slough away dead cells as effectively when covered up. The best way to exfoliate is to give your skin a full-body exfoliation using a gentle scrub.  Coffee scrubs are great for your body, but you need something far gentler on your face.  You should scrub everywhere, but particularly those rough patches knees that form out your elbows, feet, hands and back.

Don’t be tempted to use a body scrub on your face; most body are too rough. Use a gentle facial exfoliant like CameLife’s Refining Facial Polish. Remember, with all exfoliation, less is more. You want to gently help your skin regenerate, not scrub it red raw.  To find out more about exfoliating with CameLife, read our Exfoliating blog.   

2.  Treat Your Dry Skin

If your skin has been covered up all winter, its is likely to be dry and maybe flaky.  If you do have dry patches, now is the time to give them some love.  For all over dryness, use a body mousse or moisturiser like CameLife’s all natural Nourishing Body Mousse.  Isolated dry patches could be a sign of an underlying skin problem; use a topical treatment cream like The Original Camel Balm.

Cracked heels and elbows need particular attention; not only are they unsightly, but they will dry more as they are exposed more during the summer. Calluses can form, deepen and occasionally bleed.

The answer for cracked heels doesn't lie at the podiatrist’s.  Nor do you need to file off hard patches.  Just choose a powerful moisturising cream with a chemical exfoliating action.  Nourishing Body Mousse is a great starter; the natural Lactic Acid in the milk will gently removes dead skin cells, whilst the Vitamin C and Protective Proteins will promote healing.  If your skin is already heavily cracked, try The Happy Camel Balm with its healing CBD extracts.

3.  Keep Properly Hydrated

We’re always being told to drink more water, but it really does make a difference to skin health. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ; the more water you drink, the less the likelihood of your skin becoming dry and flakey.

But drinking plenty of water isn’t the only ingredient of properly hydrated skin. Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid to control and manage moisture levels. As we get older, we produce less hyaluronic acid so we need to top up with skincare products that provide hyaluronic acid.  Be aware that many skincare products contain animal derived hyaluronic acid. Our Restorative Serum uses organic, plant based hyaluronic acid in a very easily absorbed base.

4.  Wear Sunscreen, Even on Cloudy Days

It shouldn’t need repeating here in Australia, but sunscreen isn’t just for the beach. Even when its overcast, the UV is damaging your skin, accelerating photo-ageing and causing permanent damage.  It's vital to wear a properly approved sunscreen and to top up regularly whenever you are exposed.  

A lot of skincare brands produce daily moisturisers that contain SPF. Here at CameLife, we are not fans. If you are out and about in the sun, you need to be applying plenty of sunscreen at regular intervals. An application of moisturiser before you head out to work will not protect all day. 

Sunscreens can clog pores and cause blemishes and breakouts, particularly if you are using a heavy, high factor cream, if your skin is exposed to pollution and dust or if the weather is particularly 
humid.  Both acne and rosacea can be triggered with the use of sunscreen agents that contain physical blockers that block the pores. 

We recommend applying sunscreen immediately before heading out in to the sun and cleansing it off when you come in.  CameLife's Facial Cleansing Bar is a convenient cleanser that will remove all traces of sunscreen.

5.  Use a Lightweight Moisturiser

In winter your skin can take a thick, heavy moisturiser, but in spring and summer, the same products will feel greasy and can block our pores.  Avoid occlusive skincare products that don’t allow your skin to breathe.

Choose a lightweight moisturiser that is easily absorbed without leaving a residue. CameLife’s Restorative Day Cream was specifically formulated with Sydney's hot and humid summer days in mind. It will keep your skin healthy and hydrated without feeling heavy. 

6. Exercise 

Spring is a great time to reinvigorate your exercise regime.  Exercise increases blood flow, which helps to maintain healthy skin cells. You don’t even have to hit the gym or head out for a run. Just take advantage of the longer days; a brisk walk in the warm evening air will help to keep your skin happy.  Just remember that sunscreen!

If your exercise passion does involve getting hot and sweaty, it's important to cleanse afterwards, particularly if you are exercising outdoors and wearing sunscreen.  CameLife's Facial Cleansing Bar is your go-to post workout cleanser.  

7. Spring Clean Your Skincare


 If your bathroom cabinet is full of old skincare products that you've kept just-in-case, its time for a spring clean.  Most skincare products have a limited shelf life once opened.  We package our Restorative range in airless containers to keep them is tip-top condition from the first pump to the last, but if you are using products with pumps that have a tube attached, then the product will deteriorate because its exposed to the air.

It's time to clear out your old skincare products.  While you're at it, give your makeup brushes a good wash.       

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