We’ve been working on a new range of products that bring together camel milk and our own extract from Mexican Wild Yam. Yams are packed with steroid saponins, which have a number of therapeutic properties, including anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. But wild yam contains a superstar saponin, diosgenin, a plant oestrogen properly termed a phytoestrogen. The apparent hormonal influence of diosgenin explains why it has long been used as a natural remedy for menstrual pain and to manage the symptoms of menopause. 

Way back in the 1700s, early Americans were using wild yam to treat menstrual pain, the symptoms of menopause, stomach pains and colic. Naturopaths still recommend wild yam supplements for morning sickness, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual pain and the symptoms of menopause. Like many traditional natural medicines, there is little proper scientific evidence to support the many therapeutic claims, but diosgenin does appear to have significant hormonal activity, and many swear by its effects. Wild Yam extract is widely promoted as a natural alternative to oestrogen therapy.

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Dioscorea villosa - MexicAn Wild Yam

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Not all yams are alike though; there are over 500 different yam plants, growing both cultivated in the world. Only a few of them contain diosgenin. Dioscorea villosa, a spiralling, tuberous vine commonly called Mexican wild yam contains high levels of both diosgenin and other saponins, is native to the southeastern USA and Mexico. It is important when buying Wild Yam creams to understand what yam species is being used anywhere it is coming from. 

Most Wild Yam products are manufactured using an alcohol extraction known as a tincture. Our extraction is done using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, a far more sophisticated process that gives higher yields, higher purity and better preserves the full therapeutic effects of the extract.


As ever, the base of our new Wild Yam products is our freeze dried raw camel milk, fermented cabbage and hemp oil base that we use for all of our body creams. This all natural base creates a smooth, easy to apply non-greasy cream that is readily absorbed and doesnt leave a residue. 

The camel milk is important; its fine homogenisation and ability to penetrate through the epidermis are critical to getting the diosgenin to where it can do its magic. 

The combination of CO2 extracted Wild Yam extract and camel milk is unique and very powerful.

Image of raw, unpasteurised camel milk


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The first product we are launching is a simple Wild Yam Cream, which also contains Chaste Tree extract, a terpene rich extract that has also long been used in herbal medicines for menopause. Unlike other Australian brands with long waiting lists, our cream will be available for immediate delivery. The formal launch will take place at Naturally Good on 3 June, but the cream will be available in our shop before then.

We’re will follow the Wild Yam Cream cream with a new anti-wrinkle cream. Wild Yam extract has been described as a “wrinkle eraser”, which is probably a wild exaggeration!  But diosgenin does have powerful anti-oxidant properties and, like many phytoestrogens, it can attach to oestrogen receptors in the skin and plump it up. It will also stimulate collagen production. Diosgenin is also believed to be effective as a depigmenting agent, helping to protect against melanin clumping and sunspot growth.


CameLife's new Wild Yam Cream will be available in the CameLife store for delivery early in May. Follow us on socials to be the first to find out when it launches; we're expecting high demand so dont wait!