The Happy Camel Balm - Camel Milk Skincare

The Happy Camel Balm may help to soothe away joint and muscle pain caused by injury or chronic inflammatory conditions.   

The combination of camel milk and hemp oils  contain naturally balanced ratios of essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, the building blocks of healthy cell membranes.  The balm contains a secret ingredient made from hemp plants to reduce pain and inflammation.  It is also high in essential minerals, particularly magnesium.  

Our balm contains camel milk, organic hempseed oil, hemp plant extracts, beeswax, cacao butter and vegetable extracts.  






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Kerry P.
Australia Australia
Camel bahm

I use it for my sunspots and it really does work

Ruth W.
Australia Australia
THE best relief in a jar!

This balm is totally amazing. You only need apply a small amount and smear it on, no need to rub like other pain relief creams and within the hour you will have relief. I am due for a shoulder replacement and the pain is out of this world but this balm is the ONLY thing that gives me any relief. You MUST try this balm if you have pain that you cannot find any other thing to assist with pain relief


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The Happy Camel Balm is supplied in a 50g recycled plastic pot.  The balm has a has a thick, heavy and oily consistency with a distinct, but not overpowering smell of hemp.   

The balm is designed to relieve joint pain.  It works best on peripheral joints; shoulders, elbows, knees etc.  On the bigger joints, you should experience relief over time, but the results are unlikely to be as quick.    


In The Happy Camel Balm, we use camel milk as the carrier for the other ingredients which relieve joint and muscle pain.  Of course, camel milk has some anti-inflammatory effect, but here it is a secondary benefit.  Thanks to the hemp oil, it has a dark green colour; the whiteness of the milk is lost! 

A key characteristic of camel milk is its finely homogenised fat structure. The particles are tiny; small enough to penetrate the upper layers of your skin and take in the milk's nourishing ingredients.  When we add ingredients to camel milk, they are easily absorbed through your skin.

product image
product image


If you are using topical pain relief creams without much relief, try The Happy Camel Balm.   

You don't need much of The Happy Camel Balm thanks to its heavy and oily consistency; a pea sized ball is usually enough for most joints.  

It's best to apply your Happy Camel Balm onto wet skin or with a wet hand.  It will absorb far quicker and glide on to your skin.  There's no water in the balm; applying on to wet skin provides just enough to help it absorb.  
For the first 1-2 days, apply four times a day.  You should be able to reduce to a daily application as the inflammation goes and the pain subsides.   


There's a secret ingredient in The Happy Camel Balm, shown in the photo on the right.  There's also a clue is in the initials of the balm! 

The balm also contains a plant botanical made by fermenting a secret blend of fruits and vegetables grown and selected for their high mineral content.  Magnesium features highly, an essential mineral for joint health.         


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Your Restorative Serum contains:

Camel Milk
Hemp Oil
Cacao Butter
Sativa extract
Plant botanicals

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