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We've been working with our friends at Nundle Natural Skincare to bring together our camel milk technology with their very special hemp extracts.  The result is The Happy Camel Balm, on sale now in limited quantities.  We've also developed a very special exfoliating Refining Facial Polish, a blend of camel milk, oils, Dead Sea salts and jojoba seeds to give you the best exfoliating polish you can imagine!

The Happy Camel Balm

We're very proud of this one; Australia's first cosmetic cream to contain oils extracted from the cannabis plant.  We can't make claims that it is a magic cure for all ills, but try it on aches and pains or damages skin.  

There's a clue in the name identifying the key active ingredient.   If you are looking for a topical application of cannabinoids, look no further than this wonderful balm.

Refining Facial Polish

We've been working for a while on a scrub to cleanse, exfoliate and remove dead skin.   Something to supplement our Facial Cleansing Bar to provide that extra glow.   So we've created a luscious blend of camel milk and natural emollients to soften your skin, leaving it smooth, glowing and even-toned.  To exfoliate, we've used jojoba seeds; a natural exfoliant that is far less harmful to the environment than micro-beads.    

Camel Milk

We are distributing pasteurised camel milk on a small scale, locally to CameLife HQ in Copacabana.  We  can arrange regular deliveries of  camel milk  from our friends at Camel Milk NSW. Contact us if you wish to join our distribution list and watch out for news on our Facebook site.