Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We are always working hard here at CameLife to find new and exciting ways to harness The Magic of Camel Milk.  We are very excited about our prototype Wrinkle Filler, the first samples of which are with our selected testers for review.  Our aim is to use camel milk’s unique properties to deliver a “botox effect” without the need for visits to a clinic or painful injections.

We’ve got a bit of work to do on packaging and branding before we can launch, but the plan is to launch early in the new year.  We think this will be a game-changer in the anti-ageing fight!

Look out for more news as we bring this exciting new skincare option to the Australian market.  If you are over botox to afraid of needles, this could be you anti-ageing miracle!

Say no to wrinkles!

CameLife Nourishing Range

Here at CameLife, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nundle Natural Skin Solutions to develop our new Nourishing range of facial, hand and body creams to combine the magic of camel milk with NCS’s secret mineral rich elixir.  Coming soon will be a range of products designed for damaged skin, whether through ageing or hard work!  They are deeply nourishing, bringing a hit of essential trace minerals direct to your skin.  The elixir is all natural, produced using a secret process of fermenting whole fruits and vegetables and distilling the resultant liquor.  The milk in our Nourishing range will come from our friends Camel Milk NSW in the Hunter Valley.

The fruits and vegetables are all organically Australian grown and the beeswax is from a single source in Nundle.  The all-Australian creams coming soon will contain high concentrations of camel milk and essential minerals which penetrate deeply into the skin tissue for a nourishing, regenerative effect.

The first product in our Nourishing Range is our small batch, hand made Nourishing Body Mousse , available now at our market stall or throughout Australia via our online shop CameLife Australia!

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Camel Milk

We are distributing pasteurised camel milk on a small scale, locally to CameLife HQ in Copacabana.  We  can arrange regular deliveries of  camel milk  from our friends at Camel Milk NSW.   Contact us if you wish to join our distribution list and watch out for news on our Facebook site.