Ethical Skin Care

The CameLife mission is to bring affordable, ethically sourced natural skincare products using camel milk, a true Superfood for the Skin.

Wherever possible, we use natural ingredients; we do not use parabens, paraffins, phythalates, synthetic fragrances or micro-beads. As our products are bio-active, we have to use preservatives that work. We minimise the use of synthetic preservatives, but they are necessary to ensure the continued safe, bio-active effect of camel milk throughout the life of the products.

We currently source our milk from sustainable camel farms in the Arabah region of Israel. The camels are milked by hand, with their calves suckling. We do not use milk from farms that stimulate milk production with hormones. We are actively seeking a source of milk from within Australia that meets our high ethical standards so that we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Australia has the largest wild population of dromedary camels in the world. Their burgeoning population has a significant impact on grazing, destroying fences and fouling water holes. So the population is controlled by trapping at water points, mustering and then shooting.

Here at The Australian Camel Milk Company, we believe that Australia is blessed with a truly sustainable natural resource that is currently being squandered by aggressive management programs. Camels can be farmed on land that is otherwise not commercially viable for grazing, yet there are a few farms dairying camels in Australia. We want to be part of an ethical, sustainable Australian camel milk industry that delivers affordable milk and milk products. We would love to collaborate with farms and producers of camel milk and products. Camel milk should be the next superfood.

Meanwhile, enjoy our Superfood for the Skin!