Meet The Team


We’re often asked how we ended up forming a company to develop camel milk skincare products.  Well,  CameLife is the first brand to be launched by The Australian Camel Milk Company, founded in early 2017 by Dr Pauline Roberts, Dr Jane Rose and Richard Williams.

So why camel milk skincare?  Well, Pauline and Jane are lifelong friends and both vets.  They went to Israel to research camel dairying and husbandry as Pauline the vet for one of Australia’s pioneering  camel farms.   She wanted to develop her professional knowledge of camels and she took Jane to write a definitive reference book on camel husbandry.

Whilst in Israel, they met some truly innovative scientists and product developers who were working on a range of complementary treatments, skincare products  and cosmetics using camel milk as a raw ingredient. Despite being experienced professionals, Pauline and Jane were simply amazed by some of what they saw.

From that beginning, The Australian Camel Milk Company was conceived, developing an ambitious vision to create an ethical eco-system of camel dairying, scientific research, product development and manufacture using Australia’s bountiful supply of feral camels.

But we are a start up and need to walk before we can run.  So we started by bringing a range of high-quality cosmetic and skincare products to the Australian market, all based on camel milk.


 Jane Rose is a veterinarian with a professional interest in skin. She has worked in dermatology for over twenty years and taught dermatology at a leading US university. She is an evidence based practitioner and a passionate advocate of natural skin care.

Richard Williams is a professional engineer and project manager. Like many men of his generation, he paid little attention to skincare for most of his working life, until being utterly amazed at the power of camel balm when he applied it to a painful burn. He brings program focused business skill to the company.

Dr Pauline Roberts is a veterinarian with a background in large scale farming. Since starting work with camels, she has become a leading advocate for the sustainable, ethical and productive farming of Australian camels.

Professor Reuven Yagil is recognised as one of the worlds leading academic experts on camels and the usage of camel milk. With over 40 years experience in the field, he is widely published and still routinely consulted by people serious about developing a camel milk business. Reuven developed the first viable camel milk treatment creams, but was never able to take them to commercial viability.