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Lock Down Skincare

Our skin may not be top priority right now as there are far more serious events to be concerned about.  But we can't ignore our skincare regime for too long.  We've been confined to our homes for a few weeks now, with only essential trips to the shops and limited exercise outdoors allowed.  So how is our skin likely to react and what can you do to protect it?

A short, make-up free, commute from bed-to-desk may sound like a recipe for a flawless complexion, but many of us are seeing increased breakouts, spots and dry skin.  Why is this happening?  Well, key elements of our lives have changed; many of us aren’t going through our normal daily skincare routines.  Our beauticians and clinics are closed, so we're in do-it-yourself mode.   We’re also likely to be spending more time in front of a screen, perhaps drinking more alcohol and eating a less healthy diet than before. 

So here are my tips for looking after your skin during lockdown.

The Big Three Lockdown Skincare Problems 

Breakouts.  Stress is a well understood trigger for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It’s therefore not surprising that more people are experiencing breakouts.  Sweet treats and alcohol are also likely to contribute to flare-ups, so its as important as ever to stay properly hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Mindfulness, meditation and exercise are all great ways to relax and refocus.   

Dull Skin.  Staying inside is reducing exposure to the sun and to pollutants.  But spend too much time indoors and our skin can begin to look dull and our complexion sullen.  Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin, because it is activated by exposure to UVB light. It plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation, aiding skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism.  Whilst Vitamin D supplements can help, it's also important to take daily exercise outdoors.  Obviously we can’t ignore the sun; use your normal SPF products, but get outside and make Vitamin D!

Blue Light Damage.  We’re probably experiencing more screen time than usual. Screens emit blue light, a high energy visible (HEV), which can cause elastin and collagen damage, pigment changes and ultimately photo-ageing; some dermatologists are even recommending wearing SPF indoors.  Perhaps more important is the eye strain associated with screen time.  Prolonged eye strain will accentuate laughter lines and cause black circles and puffiness.   Our normal daily routines have been disrupted and we are often working at unusual times. We should try not to stare at screens too late. Turning off our screens also helps to regulate sleep patterns, and your skin to rejuvenate.

What to Do

Cleanse.  I firmly believe that cleansing is the heart of good skin health.  Ideally cleanse twice a day.  A morning cleanse is vital to cleanse away overnight treatments, especially if they contain retinol. Our skin repairs whilst we are sleeping; if left, dead skin cells can form dry patches. 

Even if you are going make-up-free, a night time cleanse is important to remove excess sebum, toxins and sweat that build up through the day.  Changes in diet and lack of sun-exposure can contribute towards skin becoming more congested; its doubly important to cleanse them away.  My CameLife Facial Cleansing Bar  is a great daily cleanser that ticks all the boxes.  

On the plus side, lockdown gives us more time to really care for our skin.  Exfoliating can help remove the build-up of dry skin likely caused by an indoor life and lack of exposure to the elements. Few of us take the time to properly exfoliate; so why not add a physical exfoliant like our Refining Facial Polish, which uses crushed jojoba seeds to scrub away dead skin cells.

Restore.  Now is the perfect time to give your skin a boost of restorative goodness; after all, it is not being exposed to the pollution and sun exposure it normally receives.  It's the perfect time to give it a shot of Vitamin C and Retinoids, so why not add a Restorative Serum to your regime? 

A good Eye Cream will stimulate blood flow around the eyes, helping to eliminate black circles and leave your eyes feeling refreshed.   If you are spending more time on your screens, now is the time to manage the resultant eye stress.  I've got a great introductory offer on my Restorative Eye Cream; get yours for just $20.  Its packed in a 30ml container, so there's no need to be sparing; apply through the day as your eyes tire.   

Treat.  If you do get breakouts, it's important to control them quickly.  Keep a treatment cream to hand and use it as soon as you get a breakout.  I like to think of my Original Camel Balm as a skincare first aid kit in a tube.  Use it to quickly calm inflammation, spots or dry skin.  If you do spend too much time in the Autumn sun, use it to calm any redness.  

About the featured products

CameLife skincare products all contain camel milk.  To find out more, check out our blog posts.  To learn products described in this blog, just click on the product links.   

Camel Milk Facial Cleansing Bar
Camel Milk Facial Cleansing Bar

Facial Cleansing Bar - Camel Milk Skincare


Gently peels away dead skin cells, cleanses and moisturises all in one solid cleansing bar.

CameLife Restorative Eye Cream
CameLife Restorative Eye Cream
Camel milk face serum
CameLife camel milk skincare serum

Restorative Serum - Camel Milk Skincare


Restores dull skin with this Vitamin C and retinoids packed Serum.

CameLife Restorative Day Cream
CameLife Restorative Day Cream
Camel milk eye cream

Restorative Eye Cream - Camel Milk Skincare


Refreshes tired eyes and gets rid of black circles, laughter lines and puffiness.

Treatment cream for burns, cuts, stings, redness, dryness and scars
Treatment cream for burns, cuts, stings, redness, dryness and scars
The Original Camel Balm
Camel milk treatment cream for rosacea, acne and psoriasis
Camel milk first aid cream

The Original Camel Balm - Camel Milk Skincare


Rapidly deals with spots, dry patches and inflammation. A first aid kit in a tube!

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